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01 April 2021
How to Make Emergency SOS Calls on Your Mobile

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You might not know it – even if you have one – but most new smartphones include an array of emergency functions that could prove invaluable to you in a crisis. From sending notifications to specified contacts to connecting you rapidly with the emergency services, it’s no exaggeration to say that your phone could potentially save your life – or help you save someone else’s – in a matter of seconds.

This week, our free #WakeUpWednesday guides outline how to use the SOS functionality on three of the most popular types of phone: iPhones, Samsung and Google. Find out how to make an emergency call with just five clicks of a button, how to notify first responders of essential medical information and how to automatically inform friends and family of your location.

“I’d be lost without my phone!” How often do we hear people say that in everyday life? But in the event of an emergency, it would almost certainly be true. Most smartphones these days are equipped with the facility to send an SOS call in seconds – so we all carry a potentially life-saving tool in our pocket or bag.

In this week’s #WakeUpWednesday guides, we run through the emergency functions on iPhones, Samsung and Google phones: what they do, how to enable them and where to find the settings to adjust them for your needs. Even if you’re familiar with them already, it’s worth refreshing your memory – and make sure your children know how to use these features, too. It’ll take a matter of minutes and it will be time well spent.

To access the Google Phone SOS Emergency Guide, please click here.

To access the Samsung Phone SOS Emergency Guide, please click here.

To access the iPhone SOS Emergency Guide, please click here.

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