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Latest update from Woodhouse Primary Academy

Updated 24.11.2020  10:00

**Details of our Autumn parents' evening details can be seen here.  You will now have received your appointment(s), please ensure that you are available to take the call at your agreed time.  If for any reason you have not yet made an appointment, then please book your phonecall here. Thank you to all families for their support and engagement with this.**

*If your child is showing symptoms of Coronavirus, they must not attend school.  For further details visit:*

For details of what to do in different Coronavirus situations, please take the time to read the letter from Public Health England here, and the letter from Mr Wilson explaining what to do here.  It is vital that we all play our part in combatting coronavirus (COVID19) by following the guidelines closely.

From Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December, there are National Restrictions in place which can be seen here.  To see the guidance from the government for parents at this time, please click here.  Our school will remain open for all children until further notice, and all children should continue to attend school as normal.


We are delighted to have welcomed the children of Woodhouse Primary Academy back to our school since September.  In order to open safely during the coronavirus (COVD19) crisis, we have come up with detailed plans and new ways of working to support the safe and successful full opening of our school.  We have completed a range of detailed and regularly updated risk assessments which can be viewed by all, alongside the many letters to parents explaining the measures we take to keep everyone safe on our Wider Opening page here.  We have considered the need for children to be safe in school, details of which can be seen here and in our Home School Agreement here.  As always, these plans could be affected by any future changes in the local or national situation.  If this is the case, we will update you as soon as is possible.

Woodhouse Primary Academy is open with a range of protective measures in place to protect children, families and adults in our school. All eligible children are expected to attend school every day and we will do all we can to support families so that all children can return successfully to learning.  If you have specific concerns relating to your child's attendance at school, it is vitally important that you speak to school about them - we will do what we can to help and support you.  Please take the time to read the key information about safe arrival and departure from school, which can be seen here. Those with more than one child at Woodhouse can leave and collect the children at the time and entrance of the oldest child in your family, we will support the children going into class and we will keep the children safe until you arrive at the end of the day.  Please be on time - but not early or late, wear a mask or face covering if you are able to and remember to observe social distancing outside school when waiting.  Please take extra care about where you choose to park safely and legally, walking a short distance wherever this is possible.  Please respect our neighbours and do not block driveways or cause obstruction with thoughtless parking.  Please drive carefully and safely around school.  A reminder that you should not park or drop off on the yellow markings outside school on Woodhouse Road, or the white zig-zags by the crossing on Ridgacre Road at any time.

If your child is not able to attend school through self-isolation or because of the closure of a class bubble, then they are expected to continue their learning at home.  Our committed staff provide a full range of learning opportunities and lessons for children who are unable to attend, as described by our remote learning plan here.  There is a wide bank of learning on our Goggle Classrooms or on our Home Learning website, where children can access the high standard of education we expect at Woodhouse.  If you have any issues accessing this work, please contact by email: For all children, we will continue to work digitally for: home reading using MyOn (alongside reading books which are now sent home each week: read the letter here), homework using Google classroom and sharing all future letters by text with a link as well as here on the school website - we will no longer be sending any paper letters home.  Please complete our survey to help us to support your child, including with accessing online home learning, in the event they are unable to be present in school by clicking here.

For children who are eligible for Free School Meals, support is provided by school if your child has to self-isolate for any reason.  Each Friday, families of eligible children will receive a text and/or email with the digital voucher from our supplier, Wonde, for use in your chosen shop or supermarket.  Please note, this does not apply to the Universal Infant Free School Meals which all children in Reception and KS1 receive.  If for any reason you need any additional support - then please to contact school and we will do all we can to help.  We can and will support any family in need - you just need to let us know.  Please rest assured that any requests will be handled sensitively and discretely - you know that we will look after you and your family without judgement.

If any personal details, such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses have changed, please be sure to communicate this to school as soon as possible by contacting the office.  You can do this through our MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) app, further details of which can be found here.  As we are no longer sending paper letters, it is especially important that you keep your details up-to-date.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.  Please take care - keep yourselves and your families safe.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Wilson

Head Teacher


November 2020



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