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Latest update from Woodhouse Primary Academy

Updated 20.5.2020  10:00

Woodhouse Primary Academy is closed to almost all children until further notice to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Our school offers emergency care for a very limited number of children to support Critical Workers in the response to COVID-19, including a large number of NHS workers.  

Do not attend school unless you have an essential emergency care place, or you are invited onto the premises.

For queries relating to our Emergency care for critical workers or vulnerable children, to discuss changing emergency care needs or to keep us informed of shift patterns and working hours changes, contact Mr Wilson by email:

On Sunday 10th May, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced his conditional plan for the UK to move forward and the Government has announced a plan for children to return to school over a phased period from, at the earliest, June 1st.  These timescales are open to possible change given the rate of infection in the country.  We have come up with a clear plan, and the details have been shared with parents here about how this phased wider opening will happen at Woodhouse. As it stands at the moment, any return is not yet set in stone.  We are awaiting further confirmation from the government and they have said that they will make a definitive decision about the gradual wider opening, which could begin from the 1st June, on Thursday 28th May.  If this decision is to postpone, then we will do that, and implement our plan when told it is safe to do so.  If this decision is to begin the wider opening of schools from 1st June, then we will communicate this to you then – and your will need to share what you plan to do within a relatively short timescale.  We will use a Google form and operate the email address to gather this information from you.  We reassure you that the health and wellbeing of you and your children will be our highest priority, as it has been throughout this crisis.  We will continue to communicate the plans to parents, sharing as much detail as we can about how we will keep the children safe and how we will manage the attendance of more children.  At this time there is no change to our current operations and Woodhouse Primary Academy remains closed to most children until further notice.

If children are not attending school, there are a wide range of home learning resources for all children and their families.  More work and ideas are added for each class every day, and these can be viewed and accessed on any device which connects to the internet, including mobile phones.  Our online home learning site is available on our website below this message.  Much of the regularly updated work is delivered through Google Classroom, where staff set and mark work, as well as keeping in regular contact with the children about their learning and wellbeing.  There are overviews of the work we will cover during this period of homeschooling, and in the event of any return to school, as well as letters from the teaching staff in each year group.  There is more work than your child will need, so please remember that you don't have to complete everything you can find!  We recommend only working during school hours during the week, and not during weekends or previously planned school holidays - e.g. Spring Bank Half Term  (Week beginning 25th May).  It is best to have a regular routine if this fits with your needs and you can view an example timetable to help you if you want to.  There are lots of fun activities to help keep your child engaged during the lockdown, so try some of these together as well as any work.  Your child does not need to complete everything and should be able to work independently most of the time.  We all understand how hard it can be when trying to work from home and ensure your children are engaged too.  Don't be too hard on yourself or your child if this is not always successful, that is the case for us all.  Don't let the work for children become an additional source of stress or worry at this time.  Teachers and teaching assistants are keeping in regular contact with all families, and we will check on how learning is going and to offer support and help wherever this is needed.  We'll also take the chance to check that you and your families are ok.  If we can help, just ask.

Many children have regularly been given packs of printed work which do not require online access.  We can send these by post to any parent if this would be helpful.  Just let us know when a staff member rings you, or contact us directly.  If you have queries or questions, or you require support, then we have a dedicated email address to send requests to: and these will be responded to during normal school hours.  If you are unable to access the resources for any reason, please email us as above and we will put something in place for your child.  If your child is finding the work too challenging, you don't need to make them do it.  Please spend time enjoying being with your children, there are plenty of things you can do instead. Learning does not have to be paper and pen (or a screen)!  If you do have concerns about how your child is doing you can speak to their class teacher or email Miss Mason at:

For those children who are eligible for a free school meal, this support will continue whilst school is closed to most children. Since Monday 20th April, we have been using the National Free School Meal Voucher scheme run by EdenRed, and have contacted families with further details on how to access and use these vouchers.  All families eligible for this support have now been contacted about this (please note, this is not the same as the Universal Infant Free School Meal provision for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2).  However, if you have not received information about this and feel you should have done, please contact school to discuss.  There are some challenges with this system and the delivery of vouchers due to issues with the EdenRed website.  If you are having problems please get in contact with school and we will assist you.  The government has decided not to fund these vouchers during half term (Week beginning 25th May), but there may still be support we can give you if you need it.  For some families not in receipt of Free School Meals, you may still require support - including with food and supplies and even financially.  If this is the case, please contact school and we will try our best to offer support or signpost you to help.  We will do all we can to help any family in our school community and offer the support you may need.  Please get in touch if we can support you in any way, you just need to let us know.

We will continue to communicate by phone, Text, the school website and our Twitter account.  Our phone will be answered and we will do everything we are able to do to help and support you and your families.  I appreciate that this can be a difficult and worrying time for children, staff and our families.  If you have any further concerns or require any support, please do not hesitate to talk to call the school office on 0121 4641769 or email us on  I am proud to lead such a superb school - though we are physically apart we remain a close-knit community.  Throughout this difficult time for us all, you have your part to play in keeping your children and families safe at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding in this difficult time, please stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Wilson

Head Teacher


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Letter from Mr Wilson to all Parents regarding the wider opening of Woodhouse Primary Academy 20/5/2020

20th May 2020

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