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Latest update from Woodhouse Primary Academy

Updated 7.6.2021  17:45

*If your child is showing symptoms of Coronavirus, they must not attend our school for any reasonDo not take any unnecessary risks regarding this, but please contact school for advice.* 

*For further details visit:*


We are delighted that Woodhouse Primary Academy has reopened safely as we continue to move through the coronavirus (COVD19) crisis. It has been wonderful to welcome the children back to school and they have settled back into our usual routines brilliantly! To ensure everyone is safe in school, we have again evolved our detailed plans and ways of working to support the safe and successful full opening of our school. We have an updated and detailed risk assessment in place from Thursday 29th April 2021, which you can view here.  To read the letter from Mr Wilson explaining the measures in place from March 2021 onwards, please click here. All other details explaining the measures we take to keep everyone safe, including previous versions of our risk assessments, can be seen on our Wider Opening page here.  As always, these plans are affected by any changes in the local or national situation and will be updated accordingly.  The details of the restrictions in place in England in place from Monday 17th May can be found here.

Woodhouse Primary Academy is open to all children in all year groups.  All children should attend school each and every day, unless they are unwell. If your child is unable to attend Woodhouse, please be sure to contact the school office to let us know the reason.

If your child is not able to attend school due to isolation related to coronavirus, then they are expected to continue their learning at home.  Our committed teaching staff provide a full range of learning opportunities and lessons for children at home, as described by our remote learning plan here.  There is a wide bank of daily learning on our Google Classrooms or on our Home Learning website, where children can access the high standard of education we expect at Woodhouse each day.  If you have any issues accessing this work, please contact by email: or call the school office.  For all children, we will continue to work digitally using Google classroom as our school learning platform for additional learning, home work and reading now Woodhouse has fully reopened.  All communication from Woodhouse comes out by email and is also placed on the school website.  We have given out over 130 devices for children to access learning and we do also have a limited supply of Vodaphone data sim cards and BT broadband hotspot passwords, which can be used to enable children to access learning online.  Please contact school if you need support with accessing remote education.

Where children are unable to attend due to needing to isolate because of Covid19, then Wonde vouchers will provided for children who are eligible for Free School Meals. Please note, this does not apply to Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) or Nursery.  If for any reason you need any additional support of any sort (for example food parcels, uniform assistance etc.) then please do contact school and we will do all we can to help.  We can and will support any family in need - you just need to let us know.  We have access to support in school, help in the local community and also through Birmingham City Council agencies.  Please rest assured that any requests will be handled sensitively and discretely - you know that we will look after you and your family without judgement.  If you don't let us know - we cannot help.

If any personal details, such as mobile phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses change, please be sure to communicate this to school as soon as possible by contacting the office or emailing  You can also do this through our MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) app, further details of which can be found here.  As we will regularly need to contact you, it is especially important that you keep your details up-to-date so you hear from us regularly.

Thank you for your continued support of our school.  Please take care - keep yourselves and your families safe.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Wilson

Head Teacher


June 2021



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