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 Latest update from Woodhouse Primary Academy

Updated  10.7.2020  10:30

Woodhouse Primary Academy remains closed to many children until September to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Our school offers emergency care for a limited number of children to support Critical Workers in the response to COVID-19, including a large number of NHS workers.  From Tuesday 2nd June, some children (in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 only) have been able to attend school more regularly. 

The last day of our summer term for all children at Woodhouse will Friday 17th July 2020.  There will be no provision in our school during the summer break.  

Thank you for your patience as we work through the plans for the full opening of Woodhouse Primary Academy in September.  These will be shared in detail and we will post the highly detailed risk assessment on our website for you to view.  In light of the guidance from the Department for Education and University of Wolverhampton Multi Academy Trust, there are a few things which I can now confirm for you: 

  • School is closed for Staff Training on Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September.
  • We will be open for all children in the new Year 1 to Year 6 from Thursday 3rd September.
  • Children in Reception and Nursery will have two visits to school in small groups over the first full week (beginning 7th September) and will be beginning school full time (or 15 hours for most nursery children) from the week beginning 14th September.  We will contact you separately about this soon.
  • Children will arrive and leave school in their year groups, but this will be spread only over 30 minutes, with provisions made to allow children to get the same entitlement without negatively affecting families with siblings.
  • Children will be kept in class bubbles, with consistent indoor learning spaces.  To keep children from mixing with anyone outside their class.  This will help keep children safe and mean that we do not need children to be socially distancing inside their class bubble.
  • Children will eat in classrooms (or the dining hall only for Rainbow Room, Nursery and Reception), with a limited menu provided in school.  Children can bring in a packed lunch from home.
  • Before and After School Club will function with the children kept in their class bubbles as much as possible.  I know how important this facility is to our families who use it, so I have worked very hard to enable this provision to take place.
  • We will be having children join their new classes, classrooms and staff from our first day back, as we are not able to mix bubbles to allow an initial return to their 2019-20 classes as we would have liked.
  • We will, however, be carrying out a range of activities and opportunities to be with their previous class teachers in a safe manner during the first few weeks of term.  There will be opportunities to reconnect and to be able to have closure for this school year.  Our staff team will continue to support and care for children in their previous classes as much as they are able to.
  • During the first two weeks, we will be undertaking a whole school project during some of our learning time: “We are Woodhouse.”   Through this work, we will have the space, time and focus to re-establish relationships, rediscover routines and work to support mental health and well-being.  This will be a positive piece of child-centred learning which will help to smooth the transition into a new year group and address the challenges of the events since March this year.
  • We will work hard to quickly assess and support the children in their learning, especially in English and Maths, so that they can access the full wider curriculum we offer at Woodhouse.  Where needed, we will offer support for groups and individuals to help them progress.

I hope this gives some indication of what we are planning for September.  I am sure you can appreciate how hard it is to work within the strict safety restrictions imposed on us.  We have done our very best to protect what we value as a school wherever this is possible.  There is obviously lots more detail to share, along with relevant maps to support you, which we will do so as soon as possible.  As always, there is the caveat that the local or national situation may affect our plans – of course you will know this as soon as we do.  Thank you for your continued patience, encouragement and understanding.

By now, you will have heard from your child’s new teacher.  If you have not for any reason, please get in touch, as it may be there is a problem with your contact details.  Class teachers will provide some optional activities over the summer to help your child prepare for September and to begin to get to know them.  If you wish for your child to access these, then please do so.  Staff will not be marking these, or responding online during the summer – they have more than earned their break from school.  Please also encourage your child to take a well-earned break from school over the summer – we all (teachers, children, parents) need a rest!

We will be providing a Summer Food voucher for those families who have been receiving EdenRed vouchers for free school meals.  These vouchers will be shared with you in the usual way.  Remember that you can contact us if you need any support or help in any way.  If you would like support with food packs, assistance, advice, signposting to financial assistance, or just need someone to talk things through with – just let us know, don’t suffer in silence.  If we can help, we will.  Though we are all distant, you all remain a key part of our school family and community – together, we are Woodhouse.  Please take care, keep yourselves and your families safe.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Wilson

Head Teacher


July 2020


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Fri 10th July


Year 6 Leavers Performance (2 - 2.45)

Wed 15th July


Year 6 Graduation (2 - 4.30)

Thu 16th July


Last Day of Term

Fri 17th July


Staff Training Day

Mon 20th July


First Day of Summer Holidays

Tue 21st July



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Year 6 Leavers Performance (2 - 2.45)
Year 6 Graduation (2 - 4.30)
Last Day of Term
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09th July 2020

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